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Tuva Adams Tuva

Managing Director - Adams Group

As the Managing Director, Tuva is the founder of numerous brands under the Adams Group of Companies umbrella and is responsible for developing them into top-notch business empowerment tools. He has a proven executive management track record and over 10 years of experience driving growth in the technology and real estate industry.

Prior to starting Adams Group, Tuva was privileged to work in local and international banks including CitiBank, Barclays Bank of Kenya, and NIC Bank ( now NCBA )

Tuva has been in charge of developing flagship brands like Buy Domain Kenya, Soko Website, TV Plus, Adams Acres, The Chamber Press, and many more

He has led the transformation of the organization into a technology-focused company while empowering youth and startups as his passion.

Tuva writes for local and international journals, he is a co-author of The Read Africa Anthology.

Tuva Adams Tuva - The Read Africa Anthology The Read Africa Anthology

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Business Tools


Business Tools

Online Courses.

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    Business Directory

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      Online Store

        Grow Your Business Faster With Soko Website Unified Platform That Is Easy & Quick To Use. Everything You Need To Start Selling Online Today. You can sell online with a few clicks at no cost to you. Soko Website also has SoKo Premium for more visibility

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        Domain Registration

        • Domain Registartion
        • Hosting and Email Space
        • Security Certificate

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        What i do





        400 Startups get FREE websites

        Buy Domain Kenya has partnered with its friends to empower 400 startups in Africa. The program will sponsor each startup with the following :

        1. Domain Name for 5 years
        2. Website and Email Hosting for 5 years
        3. Security Certificate for 5 years
        4. Website Development and Support for 5 years
        5. Office Space, Mentorship, and Incubation for 1 year, the top 10 each year


        To apply, send an email to [email protected] sharing your personal details, business details, and a 1-minute video explaining why you should be sponsored. In the video, share the impact your business will have on your community if you win.